Bleu Restaurant & Lounge


Chef Driven:

One thing we pride ourselves with is a great staff.  We consider ourselves one big family.  We have seen many of our employees start when they were 15 and grow up in the restaurant.  We realize there is so much talent, passion and loyalty in our staff.  Over the years, JR has learned new things, has had new ideas, and new styles that he has wanted to experiment with.  Although, trying them on our customers at Chives Restaurant in Suamico was always ideal, it is difficult to change the menu when customers have grown to love certain signature items that we simply could not change. Bleu Restaurant and Lounge was an idea formed by JR Schoenfeld, and our son Nick Morse.


The Chef:

Bleu brings new talent to the area.  Nick Morse is our Head Chef.  Nick’s passion for food blossomed several years ago.  JR began taking Nick to work with him when Nick was 14 years old.  He washed dishes, prepped food items, plated desserts and made pizzas.  Since then, he has spent time as a Kitchen Manager, Line cook in Door County, Sous Chef at Chives Restaurant for 5 years and wanting to expand his knowledge of food, took a seasonal position for the summers of 2011 and 2012 at the Harbor View Hotel & Resort on Martha’s Vineyard in Edgartown, Massachusetts.


The Design:

Wishing we could take credit for the beautiful interior design of Bleu, we owe Designs of the Interior on North Broadway in Green Bay all the credit.  The girls at Designs of the Interior met with JR several times and came up with the color, art, furniture and textures in our space.  Old doors puzzled together on the ceiling were a challenge.  JR spent all summer driving around the state of Wisconsin, sometimes knocking on doors of random farm houses asking to buy old doors.  He loved being a “picker” in between designing the open concept kitchen and coordinating the construction.  If you happen to fall in love with any piece of art or furniture inside Bleu, please call Designs of the Interior!

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